Date: 16th October 2016
High Voltage ABC Aluminum Power Cable
SpecificationsABC Cable Insulated Aerial Cable Aerial Bundled Cable?1. good price and high quality?2. short time delivery?3. 30 years historyCable? DecriptionOperating Characteristcs???Rated coltage Uo/U is 0.6/1kV???Max.Continuous permissive working temperature of conductor:PVC insulation should be no more than 70,and XPLE insulation should be no more than 90.??The installation temperature of cable should be not less than -20.???When overall diameter of cable(D) is less than 25mm,permissive bending radius of cable should be not less than 4D,When overall diameter(D) of cable is equal to and above 25mm, permissive bending radius of cable should be not less than 6D.Standard & descriptionTYPEDescriptionMain ApplicationJKV-0.6/1Copper core PVC insulated overhead cable?For fixed aerial installation, room-entrance wire,etc.JKLV-0.6/1Aluminium core PVC insulated overhead cableJKLHV-0.6/1Aluminium alloy core PVC insulated overhead cableJKY-0.6/1Copper core PE insulated overhead cableJKLY-0.6/1Aluminium core PE insulated overhead cableJKLHY-0.6/1Aluminium alloy core PE insulated overhead cableJKYJ-0.6/1Copper core XLPE insulated overhead cableJKLYJ-0.6/1Aluminium core XLPE insulated overhead cableJKLHYJ-0.6/1Aluminium alloy core XLPE insulated overhead cable?TypeNo. of coreCross-section mm2JKV JKLV JKLHV1,2,416-240mm2JKY JKLY JKLHY1,2,4JKYJ JKYJ JKLHYJ1,2,4JKLV JKLY JKLYJ3+k