Date: 16th October 2016
Transparent Strands Copper Speaker Cable
Detailed Product Description :1. Competitive Price with Good Quality and Quick Delivery2. Quality Approvals: CE, ROHS, SGS3. Free Samples?High end quality speaker cable1. ) Customized cables are acceptable,2. ) Material: Bare copper or CCA are avaiable or Tinned copper3. ) Color: Transparent, Clear, Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Brown and so on?Application:These cables are used in connecting for audio appliances, home appliances, small electric tolls and instruments.Construction: Stranded copper conductor, PVC insulated, twin parallel or twisted.Voltage: 300/3000Vmodel( size)Specification DescriptionInsulation Out Dia.Jacket/sheathMaterial Colour(mm)0.35mm22CX20/0.15mmO. D: 2.0X4.0PVC/Transparent or any0.5mm22CX28/0.15mmO. D: 2.2X. 4.4PVC/Transparent or any0.75mm22CX42/0.15mmO. D: 2.4X4.8PVC/Transparent or any1.0mm22CX57/0.15mmO. D: 3.0X6.0PVC/Transparent or any1.5 mm22CX85/0.15mmO. D: 3.6X7.2PVC/Transparent or any2.5mm22CX7X20/0.15mmO. D: 4.2X8.4PVC/Transparent or any4.0 mm22CX7X32/0.15mmO. D: 5.0X10.0PVC/Transparent or any6.0mm22CX7X48/0.15mmO. D: 5.5X11.0PVC/Transparent or anyAWG SIZEmodel( size)Specification DescriptionInsulation Out Dia.Jacket/sheath (MaterialColour)(mm)24AWG2CX18/0.12mmO. D: 1.8X3.6PVC/Transparent or any22AWG2CX18/0.15mmO. D: 2.0X4.0PVC/Transparent or any20AWG2CX29/0.15mmO. D: 2.2X4.4PVC/Transparent or any18AWG2CX46/0.15mmO. D: 2.5X5.0PVC/Transparent or any16AWG2CX74/0.15mmO. D: 3.0X6.0PVC/Transparent or any14AWG2CX118/0.15mmO. D: 3.5X7.0PVC/Transparent or any12AWG2CX187/0.15mmO. D: 4.5X9.0PVC/Transparent or any????